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Trent Richardson Traded to the Colts

Dustin Bradford

The Cleveland Browns, the Jets' Week 16 opponent have traded running back Trent Richardson to the Colts.

This does not have a huge impact on the Jets. It has two primary functions. This makes Week 16 easier, and it makes an emerging AFC power better.

The Colts essentially used a first round pick to take Richardson. Usually in trades like these, the player in question is getting a second contract. The new team has to pay a lot more than it would have had to pay for the pick. It's the price of getting an established player instead of an unknown and untested pick. In this case, Richardson only has a year and change under his belt and still has over 70% of his rookie contract.

From the Cleveland side, it is more difficult to figure out what is going on. They traded the number four overall pick in addition to fourth, fifth, and seventh round choices to trade up for Richardson, albeit under a previous regime. Now at best they are probably going to get a mid first round pick a little over a year later. Richardson was touted as a blue chip player. Although he hasn't lived fully up to that status yet, there is still plenty of potential. He did run for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns and added 51 receptions as a rookie playing hurt on an otherwise pretty bad offense. It doesn't seem like very sound asset management on their end.