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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: Looking Through the Results

Jim Rogash

Here are how some of the big media companies rate the Jets relative to the rest of the league.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick): 29

The Jets' defense is ranked in the top five in nearly every major statistical category, but the offense is also producing only 14 points per game. And that isn't going to cut it ... no matter how good the defense.

Some in the Jets organization reportedly want to pull the plug on Geno Smith after two games and let Matt Simms play quarterback, which tells you how screwed up the Jets organization is.

The defense showed it could keep this team in games this season. Now it's up to Geno Smith to show some growth.

The Jets defense is solid and the offense is a work in progress. They are a little better than I thought they would be, and if Geno Smith starts to improve, they could be a decent second-half team.

Geno Smith's minus-3 TD-INT differential is the worst in the league, but his 53.4 completion percentage is better than Tom Brady's -- and two other qualified quarterbacks, too.

Defense will keep them in games. Offense won't win many.

Where do you think the Jets should rate?