WR's you would want to trade for.

I just read this article on Kenny Britt. After seeing how adamant folks were against my idea last week of signing Lloyd, I was curious how folks would feel about trading for someone like Britt? He's in the last year of his contract, just got benched by his team and can be a serious deep threat which would match well with Marty's gun-it mentality.

Now, of course with Britt the knock has always been the trouble he gets himself into. He's also got a reputation of not being much of a team player (personally, I always take the "not a team player" thing for a grain of salt. I think that gets exaggerated more than anything with players who get into legal trouble because it's such an easy label to apply. No idea whether or not there is more or less merit to it with Britt, though.).

It should be mentioned he's a Jersey guy and that seems to be the place where all his troubles go down. So, playing for the Jets would mean he's back home where temptations are much closer than they are in Tennessee. That could definitely spell disaster and of course, it's an instant hello brand-new circus angle. Still, skill-wise, Kenny Britt could be exactly what we need and the marriage would be over at the end of the season if it didn't work out.

So, what do folks think? Yay or nay? Are there other wide receivers you'd like to trade for? Personally I'd be happy taking a chance on Britt (and maybe even keeping him under threat of being cut if he messes up) but I'd be open to other wideouts as well.

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