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NFL Power Rankings: Jets Rank 23rd on SB Nation

Jim Rogash

Today is power rankings day. They are totally subjective and meaningless, but they offer a window into how people think the Jets stack up with the rest of the NFL. The folks at have the Jets rated as the 23rd best team in the NFL.

I've had my fun at the expense of the Jets, but Rex Ryan's team made the Patriots work for a win at Foxborough last week. Defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson escaped what could have been a serious injury. The Jets still have the kind of defense capable of keeping games close.

Click over to get the entire rankings.

Interestingly, the Jets were ranked 27th by SB Nation a week ago. That means their ugly performance in Foxborough somehow jumped them four spots.

Teams currently behind the Jets in these rankings are the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and Jacksonville Jaguars.