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GIF Breakdown - New York Jets at New England Patriots

Let's watch a few plays!

Jim Rogash

Hi folks. I'm back again with a GIF breakdown of the game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. I would have had one up last week, but the short week made it difficult. With a game like this, it isn't easy to give you a good representation of what happened in just a few short clips. So instead, what I did was pick out a few players that I thought were noteworthy, and picked some plays that represented how they did. With one exception, they're all positive plays. Despite the loss, there were a number of good things that occurred in the game. So, let's get to it:

Chris Ivory


Q1: 7:41 remaining. Watch Ivory's feet. They're light and they keep moving. He doesn't set them, so he's able to keep driving forward.

Sheldon Richardson


Q3: 11:41 remaining. Richardson prepares for a rip move but he's able to slip past Marcus Cannon (#61) without it being necessary, throwing the guard completely off balance. He quickly recognizes the run and his relentless motor allows him to chase Stevan Ridley down outside the right hash.

Good Geno Smith/Santonio Holmes


Q3: 8:25 remaining. Smith recognizes the middle of the field is flooded with defenders and he will likely be unable to complete a pass to Stephen Hill, who is running a dig route. He finds Holmes on the sideline and delivers a perfect pass over the head of the defender. For his part, Holmes is able to find the open spot in the zone on his out route and shows us some of that Tone Time Magic™ on the sideline.

Vladimir Ducasse


Q3: 5:08 remaining. Ducasse had a tough assignment, switching most of the game between Vince Wilfork and Chandler Jones. Ducasse was able to stymie the All-Pro defensive tackle with excellent technique and raw power. On the touchdown run by Bilal Powell, notice Ducasse's quick step and flawless technique, blowing Wilfork off the ball before he even knows what's going on.

Bad Geno Smith


Q4: 11:22 remaining. Watch how Smith keeps his eyes downfield, which is a good thing for a quarterback to do when he begins to scramble. Smith finds an open receiver and likely would have had a nice third down conversion had the ball been placed more accurately. Considering how Smith was moving, such an accurate pass would have been extremely difficult. It likely would have been better for Smith to take the extra few yards and just settled for the field goal. That's some simple situational football the rookie should get better with.