FlyingJet12 League About Nothing Fantasy Week 2 Notable Games Wrap Up Coverage

Que the New York Jets Post Game Music People Its Fantasy Football Recap.

So this Week on My Recap for the League About Nothing Harley's Hero Aka JoCat33 won its first ever Fantasy Football Game. Geno's What Am I Sayin Backs up its Smack Talk and Marty's Morning Wood Gets Laid With a Smackdown.

So lets Start With the First Game

Coonskin Jets (1-0) Vs Eileen Sideways (0-1)

The Eileen Sideways were coming off a disappointing lost against the Kissing Miss Kolber's and looked to redeem themselves against the first Place Coonskin Jets. The Eileen Sideways during the week did some moves around the week that included picking New York Giants Fumble Prone Running Back David Wilson this was suppose to be a move that would change this game around and put him up as a favorite but did the move do its job. In Preview it did It made the Eileen Sideways a 9 point Favorite on Jets but when it came game time who put up and who Shut Up.

Player's Who Put Up.

(Coonskin Jets)DEN QB Peyton Manning: This Is No Surprise after coming off a 7 touchdown 450 passing yardage performance Peyton headed into Manning Bowl 3 With upper hand over his Younger brother Eli as He Went for 30 completions 307 passing yards and 2 touchdowns this gave the Coonskin Jets The Advantage they Needed to Win

(Eileen Sideways) Robert Griffin III WAS QB: If it means anything to fantasy owners RG3 seems to put up his best fantasy numbers when his team is getting blown out as he did produce 36 points in a 38-20 loss at GB. Griffin threw for 26 completions 320 passing yards 3 touchdowns and a Interception.

Surprise Performances

(Coonskin Jets)PHI Desean Jackson WR: This was a big surprise to me at least as Desean Jackson found himself putting up Quarterback like Numbers for this fantasy Week he caught everything sight when thrown to him if this type of production continues Desean Jackson may be the best Fantasy WR's too start barring no injury of course.

(Eileen Sideways)KC Jamal Charles RB: he suppose to be a big producer this season and I myself did not expect him to go all Willy Nilly on the Cowboys defense. Jamal Charles performance against a very decent Cowboys Defense shouldn't been expected but whatever Andy Reid is doing up there he is doing it Right.

The Mark Sanchez Performance

(Coonskin Jets)SF Vernon Davis TE: Wow just wow. This was terrible and it wasn't particularly his fault as the Seattle Defense Just put the explosive 49er's Offense on lockdown and lets add to the fact that he got hurt so hopefully he is ready to go for next week's game.

(Eileen Sideways)NYG David Wilson RB: I guess it was his need to protect the ball but damn was he on full shut down. Wilson Fumble Prone days may be over if he protects it properly that may make him regain the explosive but it will happen in due time he need to get use to holding the ball.

Score: Coonskin Jets 127.48 126.80 Eileen Sideways

(1-0)Give Him Da Business Vs Achilles Army (1-0)

Both Teams are coming off Very Respectable Wins and only one is going to come out 2-0. Before anything started i would say my favorite was Give Him Da Business due to way his team was built and boy was i right.

Player's Who Put Up.

(Give Him Da Business)GB Aaron Rodgers QB: Well this a Surprise I know the Redskins Had trouble with Eagles and Fast Pace Offense But Rodgers Just decided to Go All Peyton Manning On the Redskins What A Performance

(Achilles Army)CHI Brandon Marshall WR: It's No Surprise that he shows up here Brandon Marshall shows us why he is Jay Cutler Favorite Target With His Performence With 7 Catches For 119 yards and a touchdown someone clap it up for this many.

Surprise Performances

(Give Him Da Business) NYJ Bilal Powell RB: Well all of us talked about how if the Jets had Went back to running game they could have won the game.Give Him Da Business Could Have Ran Up the Score if they went back to the Run.

(Achilles Army)DET Joquie Bell RB: He barely went over what he was suppose to i guess i could only put him there because he was the only decent performer for this army.

The Mark Sanchez Performance

(Give Him Da Business) SEA Golden Tate WR: In what was pretty much the matchup of the kickers the Seattle Offense couldn't get it going sadly this basically meant a quite game for Golden Tate

(Achilles Army)CAR Cam Newton QB; This Un-Excusable especially for Cam Newton if he can't get back to this form I would Rename this Performance Award the Cam Newton is Mark Sanchez 2.0 Performance Award just wow. Give Buffalo Credit there Defense Was Pretty Stout though.

Final: Give Him Da Business 138.75 Achilles Army 91.26

Harley's Hero's (0-1) Vs BaconDabuCheezburger (0-1)

Both Teams coming off Loses are coming in today with only one coming out the Victor.( Hey JoCat33 I promised that your first win wouldn't go unnoticed so here it is). With Both Teams Built for Success Down the long run these are teams that can be threatening in the playoffs again barring Injury. Harley's Hero's are coming off a pouncing lost against Achilles Army. While the BaconDabuCheezburging Bronco Mikes Are coming off a stunning lost to Your Worst Nightmare. Both Teams Come in with one idea in mind and that is to Win the Game.

Player's Who Put Up.

(Harley's Hero's)BUF Stevie Johnson WR: Well No Surprise here It Seems E.J Manuel has found a comfortable Receiver and His Name is Stevie Johnson and Instead of Talking Big He put up with his outstanding performance against the Carolina Panthers which also included the Game Winning Touchdown. 8 Catches 111 yards Receiving and 1 Touchdown

(BaconDabuCheezburger)MIA Mike Wallace WR: Well Complaining does work Miami as Mike Wallace who was coming off a Quiet Game Against Browns last week Came Up Big against an Impressive Indy Defense. Wallace Would Go For 9 catches for 115 yards and 1 touchdown.

Surprise Performances

(Harley's Hero's) NYG Brandon Myers TE: The Giants Really Do have a Nack for producing amazing Tight Ends and Bradon Myers Could be one of them as he found himself being Eli's Safety Blanket During the Game.Give it A Clap because it may be one of the few times I put a Giant Player on this Spot.

(BaconDabuCheezburger)DEN Eric Decker WR: Peyton Really Does like spreading the ball around as we saw last week the Emergence of Julius Thomas and Wes Welker as his favorite targets and them all of sudden Eric Decker Comes out his shell and makes Peyton love him some more.

The Mark Sanchez Performance

(Harley's Hero's) JAK MJD RB: Yea it was just purely a bad day for the injury prone Running Back for Jacksonville and sadly there is no high point for Jacksonville or MJD as he has nothing offense to support him wow just wow.

(BaconDabuCheezburger)SF Frank Gore RB: Again I stated this for Vernon Davis and I will do the Same for Gore there Explosive Offense was on pure lock down thanks to efforts of the Seattle Seahawks Defense.

Final:Harley's Hero's 130.38 - 121 BaconDabuCheezburgers

Notable Finals:
Geno What Am I Sayin 130.93 - 116.93 Wilkshakes

Marty's Morningwood 110.12 - 171.01 Mean Green Machine

Games Still In Progress
Bro Namath Vs Kevin Bacon N' Eggs

Your Worst Nightmare Vs Kissing Miss Kolber

Thank You GGN TANLAN Players and Have Great Day~

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