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Welcome Half Serious and Arun K to the GGN Staff

I'd like to welcome our two newest additions to the GGN writing staff, Half Serious and Arun K.

Half Serious will be taking the "Tweets of the Week" feature he's been making FanPosts about and turning them into a front page feature. (Note: I get a lot of people who ask me how they can become a GGN writer. The best way is to create your own unique weekly feature and turn it into a popular FanPost series.) Half Serious has been an active GGN commenter for a long time. (Insert lame joke about how I'm totally serious, not half serious about him becoming a GGN writer.)

Arun K for some reason wanted to be a moderator on our site so he will be joining our team of moderators.

Join me in welcoming our two newest staff members. I'm sure you are looking forward to their great contributors as much as I am.