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Helmet Stickers: New York Jets @ New England Patriots

We update our weekly table, highlighting the top Jets performers after the disappointing week two defeat to the New England Patriots.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It's always more difficult to hand these out after losses, especially when we lost in such a disappointing fashion. The Patriots were there for the taking, but the Jets just didn't have the answers on the offensive side of the ball.

So as always we'll go from the 3rd best player to the best, and then the table at the bottom will highlight the season so far and the players who've stood out.

Third Star: Chris Ivory RB, 12 attempts, 52 yards, 4.3 average, 1 fumble

Had the fumble been lost I would have swapped Powell in here. However I thought Ivory looked pretty dangerous when he had the ball in his hands and his 4.3 yard average was far superior to the 1.5 average he had against the Bucs. He ran with authority and power and showed more burst than he did in week one. He was definitely causing the Patriots a few problems in the first half and I don't know why he only ended up with 12 touches of the football. He should have taken at least 20 and you could tell he was starting to warm-up a little bit.

The stats are not going to jump out at you, but he looked like the guy we thought we were getting. He was very difficult to bring down, broke arm tackles and gained yardage after contact. He missed significant time in the pre-season so it's logical that it will take him a few weeks to really get up to speed on everything and be back to his normal self. However we can be excited about his future and I'm looking forward to seeing him in week three. Lets hope that he gets more touches if he's hot!

Second Star: Damon Harrison NT, 3 tackles

I really thought that Harrison was superb for the second week in a row. In our defense the stats for the defensive lineman are never going to be eye-opening, which is why you can't get the feel of the game from looking at the box score.

He was excellent at the point of attack, he never got pushed off the line and he might be one of the most difficult guys to move I've seen for a while. He plays with a controlled aggression that sets up players around him to make the tackles. He constantly ate up blockers and he allowed very little traction in the running game. They gained 2.2 yards rushing the football, had a total of 54 yards rushing (net) and only ran for one first down.

Put simply the defensive line gave up nothing and Damon Harrison was a big reason why, Big Snacks is looking like he'll have a big season. I wanted to put him in the table last week, so delighted to be able to put him in this week. Most definitely earned it.

First Star: Demario Davis ILB, 5 tackles

This is the game I've been waiting for from Davis, for the first time it all seemed to click for him. I was surprised when I looked at the box score and there were just 5 tackles next to his name. It seemed as though he was around the play a lot more than the stats would indicate.

He made a nice play on the Ridley rush that was stopped short of the first down. He looked quick and explosive and he covers a lot of ground. His speed is much needed, but there is no point having speed when you don't know where you're going or where you're supposed to be. Well Davis knew where he was going and where he was supposed to be against the Patriots and it really showed.

If the Jets are going to have a successful season they will need Harris and Davis to play consistently well. Harris played very well against the Bucs, Davis played very well against the Patriots, now we just need them both to play well in week three.

A well earned first star nod to Demario Davis, something tells me that he'll be making a lot of appearances in this table this season.

The table below shows the players selected so far, if they have a 1 it was for week 1, if they have a 2 it was for week 2 etc etc

Geno Smith 1
Sheldon Richardson 1
Nick Folk 1
Chris Ivory 2
Damon Harrison 2
Demario Davis 2
Honorable Mentions (Week 2) Bilal Powell Darrin Walls Santonio Holmes