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Mark Sanchez Placed on Injured Reserve Designated to Return

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Breer reports the Jets have placed quarterback Mark Sanchez on short term injured reserve.

Every team is allowed to designate one player for this list during the season. Sanchez can return in eight weeks, and he will not count against the roster.

I struggle to see the logic behind designating Sanchez for return. It isn't like he is going to come back and save the season. That spot probably could have been saved for somebody more valuable.  Plus there are already rumblings about Sanchez wanted to return against the Jets wanting him to return. It feels like this could become a source of drama and a needless distraction that wouldn't have happened if Sanchez was straight put on IR.

At any rate, this makes it clear that Geno Smith is going to get a lengthy chance to improve and show the Jets they should go forward with him.