Give Brandon Lloyd whatever he wants and SIGN HIM NOW!

I remember reading a report last week that said Brandon Lloyd had turned down several teams who he feels have low-balled him. The Jets are one of those listed teams and he has not signed with anyone for that exact reason.

If last night showed me anything, it is that we are legitimate receiving talent away from being a team that can compete with anyone. I am amazed that is the case, but there it is. We need a quality receiver. Plain and simple. Get Lloyd and give him whatever he wants. This is the right moment to make that kind of signing (not offseason extensions to a terrible QB, as Tanny liked to do). Now is the time for Idzik to put caution to the wind with his cheapest possible answer contracts and just PAY THE MAN.

Our team goes from incapable of moving the ball to contenders with that one signing. DO IT NOW.

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