The Patriots Are Who We Thought They Were..

and the Jets let them off the hook.

Frankly, the Patriots looked the worst they have in over a decade. The Jets run defense was stout, forcing the Patriots to rely on a group of unproven wideouts. Tom Brady, even with his golden touch, couldn't get his receivers to catch anything, leaving only one reliable option open in Julian Edelman. The amount of 3-and-outs the Patriots offense suffered was something that has not been seen is a long time.

All that being said, the Jets knew the dire circumstances the Patriots offense was in. Down only 3 points in the 4th quarter, they knew if they could hold defensively they could win this game and produce a major upset. So how on God's green earth did Gang Green mess it up? Quite literally by throwing it away..

Pass happy OC Mornhinweg, decided to have Geno shoulder the responsibility to get the offense down the field. Even though Chris Ivory was averaging 4 yards per carry. Even though they had drive opportunities with 8, 6, and 3 minutes left on the clock - a football eternity. We can blame Geno for his three interceptions. Yes, he made bad decisions and bad throws. We can blame Stephen Hill for the continuation of dropped passed he has produced, stemming from last year. Ultimately, I blame Mornhinweg, because those dropped passed, off-target throws, and interceptions should of never taken place if a more balanced play calling was executed. I'm not asking for Rex's ground and pound of years past, only balance. Especially when play suggests the running game was highly efficient that night.

We all knew if Geno were to start there were going to be growing pains, but regardless when Sanchez was a rookie he wasn't asked to throw 35 times in his second career start. In the end, I believe in any given game you have to go with what works. Last night, Chris Ivory worked, Vlad Ducasse worked - they played their asses off and the Jets didn't take advantage of their efforts.

The Jets left them off the hook.

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