Fan perspectives: A Rivalry & You

Tough night for the Jets but we all know it isn't the first. Hell, it won't be the last. Because, after all; were Jets fans. That title is on the objective scale of worse than doing bad. An insult in itself according to every fan of every team (or so it feels like lately)I'm sure friendly debate has turned into actual argument before for some of you. But has it ever gone farther? We all know how Pats feel about us. We feel the same. The scuffle tonight was frustration. The frustration of losing to a rival and being taunted for it. I don't need to mention the classy send off they gave Wilk to the locker room. I hate that we're gonna have suspensions but its easy to hate the Pats enough to want to kick their ass in both senses.

For any of you who have been to the Turtle bay bar in lower manhattan you'll know it gets a mildly impressive diverse football crowd. (I've met Charger regulars) Pats fans obviously show up for nights like this. Back in 2010 when they gave us that ass whooping, a Pats fan was talking out of the side of his neck to me. I jabbed here and there, but he'd been drinking jungle juice and got real disrespectful. He shoved me hard and my drink fell right off the bar. I didn't even think twice about how crazy it looked....I swung on him. I hit him so hard he fell into a bunch of his buddies girlfriends. I had crossed the line of a crazed fan. His friends believe it or not, scrapped him up and held him down. Guess they knew he was a prick..but you know what? It certainly made that loss easier to swallow. This posting isn't to condone or promote violence against anyone. Because not all Pats fans suck (Middlesex) but where has your fandom carried you when it comes to rivals?

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