Jets Lose Ugly Game...Why?

This is an obvious quick post as the game isn't 30 minutes old...but as frustration subsides, here are the top three reasons the Jets lost tonight:

3) Geno Smith. Geno was indecisive, held onto the ball too long and made a few bad throws. He looked nervous at times and didn't run when he should have.

2) The receivers. They were awful. Drops. Fumbles. Points left on the board. Just terrible. If Kerley is in the game do the Jets win?

1) Play calling. MM cost the Jets the game. Even with the WR playing terribly and Geno being off, the game was there for the taking if the Jets run the ball. Both Ivory and Powell were having success and they stopped running. In the rain, against an average run defense, they stopped running. If I'm not mistaken, there were two drives in a row of 3 and out with 0 runs. MM is the best OC the Jets have had in recent memory, but tonight wasn't a good showing.

The game was there, but the young Jets couldn't capitalize.

At least the Patriots look like an 8-8 team.

Hopefully the extended time off pays dividends next game.

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