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Jets vs. Patriots Final Score: New England Wins 13-10

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets fell to 1-1 tonight with a 13-10 loss to the Patriots in Foxborough. It was a pretty ugly night for the Jets. The offense had all kinds of issues all night. Early on, the receivers let Geno Smith down. Smith then collapsed in the fourth quarter with three interceptions. On the defensive side of the ball, New England was held to 13 points, but that hides a night of busted coverages. Tom Brady missed some passes he usually hits, and New England receivers dropped all kinds of big plays. This game could have been out of reach by halftime.

There were unfortunately not a ton of positives to take from this one. The Patriots left the Jets plenty of chances to take this one. They practically begged the Jets to win it, but this team could not take advantage. After the euphoria of last week's miracle win, this shows how far the Jets have to go and how tough this season might be.

The official recap will be up later. Use this thread to vent.