Who is your favorite sports Broadcasters/Analysts/ Network Sport Hosts of all time?

Disclaimer: I am not a journalist so bare with me. I am an everyday follower of GNN since 2010, don't comment much but I am on vacation this week (not use to all this free time) so this is my first 'Fan Post'.

In speaking on another GGN thread the topic came up, actually I brought it up, who would be the broadcast team working tonight's game, Jets/Pats? Personally I do not care for the NFLN broadcast team. Bro set the record straight, CBS will carry the game via NFLN with the same people.

So I got to thinking, who is our favorite broadcasters of all time? I did not want to limit it to just football knowing that we all are pretty much fans of all sports. I am 48 years young so I can't go back that far but from what I read here on GNN, I'm kind of a dinosaur.... :)

Here is my list of favorite and hated (to strong of a word), disliked sports broadcasters. Yes this list is bias but it's mine, lol.


1. Marv Albert. YES!!!! Marvin Philip Aufrichtig, better known as 'the voice of basketball'. Marv has called 6 Super Bowls, 6 NBA Finals and 7 Stanley Cup Finals. So what if he likes to wear garter belts......

2. Pat Summerall. George Allen Summerall, he announced 16 Super Bowls but my love for him was more so with the 26 Master's Tournaments he announced. His voice could lullaby you to sleep only to wake up for the final 3 holes of the leader board.

3. Chris Berman. Christopher James Berman, better known as 'Boomer'. Chris doesn't do many games but he definitely makes watching the All-Star Home Run Derby and NFL Draft more interesting. "Back-back-back-back"!

4. Terry Bradshaw. Terry Paxton Bradshaw, very colorful and simply a good old boy from the south. 4 Super Bowls in 6 years, mad respect!

5. Charles Barkley. 'Chuck', 'Sir Charles', 'The Round Mound of Rebound'. Love the pre-game and half-time show on TNT plus he makes me laugh.


1. Jon Gruden. 'Chucky', 'The Lakeshore Strangler'. Thought long and hard on this. I actually respect Coach Gruden for what he did on the field but as an analyst, he's horrible.

2. Boomer Esiason. 'Norman Julius'. He's actually good as a color commentator when he does games and I enjoy his show with Carton but he is such a 'Debbie Downer' when it comes to our Jets? I mean, what up with that? He played for us and all? Stinking Giant fan......

3. Chris Collinsworth. I'd rather watch paint dry then listen to this guy. Can't believe he won an Emmy-Award for sportscaster.

4. Jimmy Johnson. 'James William'. I've been a Cane fan all my life, went to FIU in North Miami. Just like Gruden, great coach but horrible analyst plus that shellacked hair-do has to go........

5. Joe Theismann. 'Joseph Robert'. Last but not least, Joe was a sportscaster for MNF along with Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser. He lasted one season. Need I say more? On a side note, his daughter Amy is a beautiful girl. I met her out at a club called Facade in Miami back in the day.

That's my list. It would be great to hear from you all with your take on the subject?

WOW! It took me 2 hours to complete this. Can't wait to get back to work....... Total respect to the staff that does this on a daily basis.

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