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NFL Power Rankings: It's Just One Week!

I've never been one for NFL Power Rankings, after all it's completely meaningless. However I love NFL mock drafts and they to are meaningless, so after watching more football than is healthy this weekend, I'm trying my hand at some power rankings this week.

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Do you agree?, do you disagree? Well either way, this makes for a good Wednesday evening discussion! It's a lot harder than I originally thought.

Rank Team Comments
1 San Francisco 49'ers Everyone is jumping to put Denver in the top spot. But not for my money. San Francisco played one of the best teams in the league and came out on top. They possess a potent offense with the most dangerous QB in the league and a tremendous front 7. This team has the talent to be really special.
2 Denver Broncos Baltimore, you just got served. 7 touchdowns for Peyton who continues to astound and amaze. I love this Denver team and the addition of Wes Welker to the receiving core.....that's dangerous. When any team puts 49 points on the Ravens, it's impressive.
3 New Orleans Saints

I honestly think that New Orleans is a contender again this year. With Sean Payton back in charge, this team still possesses one of the most explosive offenses in the league. Rob Ryan is not half as accomplished as Rex on the defensive side of the ball, but his defense held Atlanta in check for most of the game.

4 Seattle Seahawks I was high on Seattle before the season (I actually had them going to the Superbowl) and despite a nervy 12-7 victory against Carolina I'm still placing them highly. I think the offense will naturally click at some point and Wilson still looked dangerous.
5 Green Bay Packers It's a little worrying that the offensive line still looks like a liability and that their secondary allowed Colin to throw for over 400 yards. However they do have Rogers and a dangerous receiving core. I like Lacy, and they have enough defense to see them through. At least until they meet the 49'ers again.
6 Atlanta Facons Despite the loss to New Orleans, I still rate the Falcons highly. They were playing without Roddy White and their defense did well to take a lot of options away from Brees. I think the offense will start to click soon and when they get Roddy and Julio full speed, every team needs to watch out.
7 Dallas Cowboys As the title of the article suggests, this is just one week. However 6 turnovers for the Cowboys in week one against a division rival. That is a statement and a half. Romo looked more patient, the defense looked tremendous. Lets see what they do from here, but they get my nod of approval.
8 Houston Texans I didn't think they were going to full it out against the Chargers but they showed some fightback which is great. I love Hopkins and think he'll make this a very dangerous team. To go any higher they'll need to improve their defense through the air.
9 Chicago Bears If Jay Cutler can just bring it in and not give the game away, the Bears will become a dangerous team again, just like in 06. Their defense is dangerous and they scored 14 points off turnovers in week one. A patient Cutler with that defense = good times. I expect them to drop.
10 New England Patriots Although I don't think the Patriots are as strong as they once were, they are still a big threat as long as they have Brady at the helm. They are battling injuries and it took a late kick to beat Buffalo, but I still rate them highly...they need to give me a loss to drop them.
11 Cincinnati Bengals They did lose, but Chicago is a hard team to beat, especially in week one. Dalton is your middle of the road QB, but he has the tools like A.J Green to make him look better than he is. I like the defensive backfield of the Bengals. Fully expect them to be a play-off team this year.
12 Detroit Lions I can't help but like the Lions. I like the QB when healthy, they have the best receiver in the league, Bush is dangerous coming out of the backfield and they now have a great defensive line. Discipline is the name of the game for the Lions and they will need to maintain it.
13 Philadelphia Eagles That was a very impressive Monday night victory. I don't think Vick is going to stay healthy all year, so I think they will need to rely on their defense to keep creating turnovers. If they can do that and give the offense good field position. Anything is possible.
14 Baltimore Ravens Their defense is not as bad as Denver made it look. However their decision to not look after Boldin will hurt them. They'll need to run the ball more effectively and one of their receivers is going to need to step up, but I think in the end, Flacco and the Ravens will be fine.
15 Washington Redskins Protect RGIII and good stuff will happen. I like the QB, RB and WR but I don't like that offensive line. The defense can cause turnovers and I like the front 7, but it all comes down to keeping the QB on his feet. If they can't do that, it's a long season...if they can, it's a long season but in a good way.
16 Indianapolis Colts The re-build for the Colts didn't take as long as I thought it would. Andrew Luck is one of the most exciting up-and-coming QB's in the league. However the Raiders don't offer the biggest test, so to climb higher in the rankings, they'll need to beat a better team.
17 Kansas City Chiefs I like that they have a game-manager in charge over in Kansas and I think Alex Smith will have a very good season. Charles is top class, and Bowe offers Smith that dynamic receiver. I liked their front 7 against MJD, but like the Colts, they need to beat someone better.
18 Tennessee Titans I was really impressed with the Titans this week, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I don't know whether their defensive line is that good or whether the Steelers offensive line is that bad. They need to take some pressure off Johnson but I'm not sure they have the QB or WR'ers to do that.
19 St Louis Rams I love Tavon Austin and sooner or later he's going to become one of the most dangerous players in the NFL. I like Bradford and with an improved offensive line, keeping him healthy should be easier. I think they should have tried to keep Jackson, but they are moving in the right direction.
20 New York Giants The Giants are one of those teams that look dead and buried and then they go on a run. They have a lot in place already but they really need to sort that offensive line out. They get absolutely no push and will need to open some lanes to take the pressure off Eli.
21 Arizona Cardinals I remember thinking last year, if Arizona had a better QB they would be quite a dangerous team. Well they now have Palmer and they still have Larry, and that's dangerous enough for me. I don't rate their defense as much as I used to. They also have a real tough division.
22 Carolina Panthers I'm putting them here because they limited a good Seattle offense, but unfortunately Cam Newton just doesn't look that dangerous. He really needs to pull it together. Their defense will keep them in the games but Cam needs to pull they throgh.
23 Minnesota Vikings I think the same about the Vikings as I did with the Cardinals last year. If only they had a good QB. Ponder doesn't scare anyone, however they have the best RB in the game and they have a great receiving TE in Rudolph if they can find someone to throw to him.
24 Miami Dolphins The Dolphins didn't look as good as I thought they were going to look. The Browns were shocking which doesn't help this. Ryan T is getting better and defensively they always play solid football up front. Not sold on their skill positions but they are not terrible.
25 San Diego Chargers What happened to Rivers? I used to consider him one of the elite, but he has really tumbled the last two years. However they played a great game against Houston and I really thought they were coming away with the victory. Consistency is the key, they play like they did Monday, they'll win plenty.
26 New York Jets We're not as bad as people say. If Geno can continue to improve, our defense will keep us in the game. We don't have strength in depth, so avoiding injuries will be key for us this season. But this is a move up of about 4 places. Onwards and upwards.
27 Pittsburgh Steelers Honestly I thought they looked terrible and it all comes down to the offensive line. They couldn't protect Big Ben at all and did little in the run game. That's a recipe for disaster and their defense is not dominant enough to win 10-9 games anymore.
28 Buffalo Bills In many ways the Bills follow or mould, they should have beaten the Patriots but they hung in their. I love CJ and think Manuel is a guy to really watch as he improves. They are doing the right things, they just need to bring it all together.
29 Tampa Bay Bucs I liked Tampa Bay, but they showed themselves to be very un-disciplined. They have the makings of a fantastic defense and I like their WR and RB position. However Freeman is only slightly better than Sanchez. They get a top QB and I'm putting them into SB consideration. Shows how important it it.
30 Cleveland Browns No team disappointed me more in week one than Cleveland. Weeden looks lost and they really need Gordon back. Defensively they are not bad, but you need to score to win games and I find it hard to see how they can score consistently.
31 Oakland Raiders Oakland put up a fight in week one and Pryor looked dangerous, can they maintain this? and will Pryor continue to improve? they are actually a team that may be worth watching this season as they can really go one of two ways.
32 Jacksonville Jaguars The Jaguars are so bad, I'm starting to feel sorry for their fans. They don't look like scoring, they don't look like stopping the other team from scoring. 0-16 anyone? it's quite possible.