What Would You Do to Have the Jets Beat the Patriots Tomorrow?

As skeptical as I am if the Jets can follow up their performance against the Bucs with a win against Bill Belichik, Tom Brady and the Patriots, it's something that I want more than anything in the world!

The Jets are 2-6 against the Pats in the regular season under Rex and have been outscored by around 100 points.

I don't know what kind of team the 2013 Jets will be, or even what they are now. But I want them to beat the Pats - preferably in the most humiliating way possible, but I'll settle for a win.

Therefore I have made this pledge: If the Jets beat the Patriots on Thursday, I will donate $1 to breast cancer research for each point the Jets score. If the Jets win and hold Brady without a TD, I'll donate $2 per point. And if the Jets shut out the Patriots - a feat which even the stingiest defenses have failed to do for years, I will donate $3 per point.

That's what I would do to see a Jets win tomorrow. What would you do?

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