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Calvin Pace Doesn't Care for Cortland

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Pace wishes the Jets held training camp at the team's Florham Park facilities per Seth Walder.

“If it was my way, yeah,” Pace said. “We’d stay home we’d be able to go sleep in your own bed. But I don’t know, for whatever reason teams think training camp is a must.”

The trend in the NFL is now for teams to stay home for training camp. Many teams have built state of the art facilities that are much better equipped than the college facilities you get camping away from home. Teams have their high tech equipment, their advanced medical facilities, and the ability to deal with bad weather that are no available after traveling.

There's something to be said about taking the team on the road. It does eliminate distractions and force everybody to focus solely on football. Guys like Pace might be more comfortable at home, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would be best for the team. There is also bonding to a certain extent that you get with everybody staying in the same dorm.

I'm not sure there's necessarily a right way to do camp. It has always struck me as odd, though, how the Jets invested so much in what they believe is the ultimate place to train players yet go away every year to a vastly inferior facility to train.