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Brandon Moore Signs With the Dallas Cowboys Then Retires

Jeff Zelevansky

In an odd story, former Jets offensive guard Brandon Moore agreed to terms with the Dallas Cowboys and then decided to retire from football within the last day.

Moore could not bring himself to get on a plane and leave his family and informed the Cowboys of his decision Wednesday morning.

In deciding to retire, Moore passed up $2 million in 2013. He was to receive a $500,000 signing bonus, a base salary of $1.25 million, which was fully guaranteed and a $250,000 play time bonus in his one-year contract.

I don't really understand why the Jets were so uninterested in retaining Moore's services. At the end of the day, the price was not bad at all. They have brought in a number of veterans with minimal upside. Why not a guy who is still playing at a high level and by all accounts is a respected locker room leader? He would have been great insurance for Willie Colon and allowed the Jets to bring Brian Winters along at a slower pace. He sure would have been better than Stephen Peterman.

In any event, we at GGN wish Moore the best. He was a terrific player on the field, an undrafted free agent who converted from the defensive side of the ball to have a long and productive career. He is also a class act according to everybody who speaks about him in public.