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Gang Green Fantasies: An Introduction

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Henry Strawder. I am a die hard New York Jets fan and avid fantasy football player. I have been been addicted to the game ever since I drafted Chad Pennington in the first round (yes the first round) of my 2004 draft. Yes I was laughed at, yes I finished last in my league that year, but that was nine years ago and I have learned invaluable lessons along the way. I have won three championships, two of those in money leagues, and am in on average five fantasy leagues a year.

In the coming weeks, I will be analyzing key players on the Jets and what kind of fantasy impact (if any) they will have. Where should they be drafted? Are they a starter or a backup? Once the season begins I will be offering advice on who you should start/sit, any trades, waiver wire pickups, etc.

The world of fantasy football is tough to navigate, in my experience, it's 90% luck and 10% skill/strategy. I hope that I can help with the 10% part. Along with the community, I hope I can guide you when debating on whether or not to start a Jets player in fantasy.