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Geno Smith Struggles, Throws First Interceptions

Everyone is quick to point to Sanchez's mistakes, well we don't play favorites here at GGN when it concerns the New York Jets.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I have made it very clear that I don't want Sanchez taking another meaningful snap for the New York Jets, simply because I think in four years starting we've seen what he is all about. Now it's time to pass on the reigns and see if we can get some consistent quarterback play.

Unfortunately for Geno Smith, he may have taken a step back in the competition today with a very sloppy practise.

Seth Walder reports:

Geno just threw a pick in 7on7s. Ball bounced off Braylon Edwards and into the arms of Antonio Allen.

Not too worried by that one, anytime a receiver gets to the ball, the interception is just bad luck. However he followed this one up with:

Geno cleanly picked off this time, by Nick Bellore on ball intended for Hayden Smith. Stephen Hill was open but Smith didn't see him.

I think Stephen Hill must wear some kind of camouflage as Sanchez kept missing him last season. However after going a full week without tossing a single interception, he put two up on the board today. Although he is yet to thrown an interception in 11-on-11's.

You're not going to go through a career without throwing an interception, whether it be in practise in pre-season or in the regular season. Follow the Patriots beat and you'll hear about Brady throwing picks, same with Manning in Denver. The important aspect is "how does he react?". If Geno comes out tomorrow and has a great day at practise, well then that says more to me than him throwing some interceptions to start with.

Two/three poor days for Sanchez didn't lose him the QB battle, one bad day for Geno won't lose him it either. Sanchez did finish with an impressive 6-9 with a TD to that man Powell who is having a brilliant camp. However it wasn't all plain sailing for #6:

Sanchez threw a ball over the fence behind end zone. Should have been called for intentional grounding. "Nice throw," Antonio Allen yelled.