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Santonio Holmes Expects to Miss First Four Games

Jim McIsaac

Brian Costello reports Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes, recovering from a Lisfranc injury, does not expect to play in the team's first four games of 2013.

Santonio Holmes remains sidelined and he has told friends he expects to miss at least the first four games of the season.

This is not surprising to those who know how serious Holmes' injury is or have been following his recovery, but it does leave the Jets in a rough spot. A lack of quality receiving targets on this team exists even with a healthy Holmes, and his absence makes it look like this team will have a receiving corps to start the year similar to the suspect 2012 unit.

The Jets had better hope the hype Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates are getting is a sign of genuine improvement instead of the standard empty training camp praise because it looks like this team is really going to need those guys to step up.