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NFL Roster Cuts: Greg McElroy Released by Jets


Quarterback Greg McElroy was among the players released by the Jets.

This is going to be among the most notable Jets cuts since McElroy came off the bench against Arizona last year and led a game-winning fourth quarter touchdown drive. Ultimately, McElroy's lack of arm strength limited his upside to number three quarterback who could serve as a veteran mentor and guy who could execute a limited playbook over a short stretch. Matt Simms' nice preseason convinced the Jets there is at least an outside chance of him developing into a decent player. The third quarterback spot is probably better served going to a developmental player.

If you took Simms' arm and put it on McElroy's body, you would have the makings of a really good quarterback. Greg is an incredibly bright guy who is by all accounts a very hard worker who loves crunching film. He probably has a bright future in the coaching ranks, but his lack of natural ability will make his NFL career short.

Thanks for that win against Arizona, Greg. That short stretch where we thought you might be a diamond in the rough was fun.