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Joe McKnight Has Head Injury

Nick Laham

Joe McKnight is going to miss today's Green and White Scrimmage with a head injury per Brian Costello.

McKnight left practice Friday after taking a big hit. It appeared he suffered a head injury, but the team has not made an official announcement.

McKnight has the speed and athleticism necessary to be a contributor on offense as a change of pace homerun threat, but it seems like something always gets in his way whether it is injuries, conditioning issues, or something else that makes the coaching staff doubt him. He is dynamite as a kickoff return man, but he still has struggled to find a role on the offense in his first three years. Will he spend his career as a specialist, or can he ever make an impact from scrimmage? This was supposed to be a fresh start in an offensive system that fits his skills, but so far it seems like the same story both due to bad luck and things Joe can control. Either way, it does not seem like he is earning the playing time he will need to make a difference.