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Jets vs. Eagles: Matt Simms to Start Preseason Finale

Al Bello

Matt Simms is going to start tomorrow's preseason finale against the Eagles.

Simms was a hero of last week's preseason win against the Giants. Don't let that fool you. Just because he had success against fringe and non-NFL caliber players does not make him into a potential sleeper. He's about as much of a nonprospect as can be. This is pure mop up work. Simms sticking on the roster probably depends more on the injury statuses of McElroy and Mark Sanchez heading into Week 1 than on how he performs in this game.

The most significant news might be that the Jets are shutting down Geno Smith. Is this a signal Smith is likely to get the nod to start? Does it mean Mark Sanchez's injury is serious? I'm done trying to figure out what signals this team is sending in moves like this.

I would have preferred to see Geno get some action in this game. Whether he is going to start Week 1 or not, he needs as many reps as he can get. I understand teams typically want to rest all of their starters in the final preseason game, but this is not a typical situation. Getting Geno as prepared as possible seems like a bigger priority, particularly if he is the starter against Tampa Bay. Playing against Eagles backups might not do a ton, but every little bit will help.