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Keith Olbermann Dismantles Manish Mehta

All Hail Keith Olbermann.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Keith Olbermann went on a roughly fifteen minute rant about how Manish Mehta, and by extension, modern journalism, has taken a nosedive into the theater of the absurd. Olbermann talked at length about how Mehta essentially created a story out of thin air about whether or not Rex Ryan would be fired, which caused numerous other stories to be written about it by various other reporters. The initial tweet and story that Mehta wrote which caused the outrage was not based on any facts; there were no sources involved, anonymous or otherwise. Olbermann spoke about the ridiculousness of Ryan's recent press conference and Mehta's hypocrisy, thus reaffirming what we at GangGreenNation have said about Mehta and the media in general (certain beat writers excluded).

Olbermann then brought Jason Whitlock of ESPN onto the show, and discussed the controversy with him, as you can view below:

Needless to say, not all beat reporters are like Mehta. Some are very good at their job. But there's no denying that Mehta and the New York Daily News are a tabloid organization that is interested in page views and generating controversy. It's impossible to argue they aren't very good at their job, but it's something worth noting; Mehta isn't here to educate readers about the New York Jets, he's here to sell newspapers. As Olbermann points out, sometimes that involves being hypocritical and outright creating stories from thin air.