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McKnight/Peterman Among New York Jets Roster Cuts

The Jets have released their 2010 4th round pick after a strange summer.

Joe Sargent

I think a lot of people really expected this one and if you didn't, where have you been this summer?

Joe McKnight the 2010 4th round selection out of USC has been released by the team following a very strange camp. McKnight has never really settled in New York, and after countless anxiety issues and injury niggles the team have decided it is in everyone's best interest for him to move on.

McKnight was a former high school stud and was recruited heavily into the USC program. however he never fulfilled the potential. Constantly battling injuries and fumble problems, he was never the next Reggie Bush as he was tipped to be. Those problems only continued with the Jets and after an arrest, a failed conditioning test, anxiety issues, injuries and a very strange interview with the press, we wave goodbye to Joe.

In a somewhat surprising move, the Jets also released Stephen Peterman, the guard that they recently signed. This would indicate the team has faith in Ducasse as well as Brian Winters. Peterman is a veteran guy who although hasn't exactly performed well, offered great versatility on the line. This would signify that Vlad will be the starting left guard against the Bucs.

With Ryan Quigley being cut, that ends the punting competition with Malone the lone punter on the Jets roster.

Here is a full list of the cuts released. We'll be updating as they come:

Ryan Quigley - Punter

Joe McKnight - Running Back

Stephen Peterman - Offensive Guard

Donnie Fletcher - Defensive Back

Joseph Collins - Wide Receiver

Patrick Ford - Offensive Tackle

Trey Gillion - Offensive Tackle

Bret Lockett -Safety

Sean Progar-Jackson - Defensive End/Outside linebacker

Marcus Rucker - Wide Receiver

Patrick Scales - Long Snapper

Chad Spann - Running Back

K.J Stroud - Wide Receiver

Rahsaan Vaughn - Wide Receiver