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NFL Roster Cuts: Can The Jets Pick Up A Bargain?

By the end of play Tuesday (4:00pm EST), NFL rosters must be cut from 90 players down to 75. One persons trash is another mans treasure.

Joel Auerbach

I don't think it is too controversial to say the Jets don't have a roster filled with elite talent, which means there is an opportunity to explore the cuts and add players to trial without it being to the detriment of the proven talent on the roster. After Tuesday, we'll do another post like this. However so far this off-season 88 players have already been cut, some recently, some not so recently. Here is a little info on a selection of players the Jets may want to look at.

*Disclaimer - I don't necessarily think they should look at these players, I'm just highlighting released players at positions of need*

Graham Harrell - QB (Released by the Green Bay Packers)

With the way the Jets quarterback position is looking, they may want to look Harrell's way. Now Harrell was a college star at Texas Tech and he had the numbers of a college standout. However he went undrafted, mainly due to his weak arm and the fact he played in Texas Tech's spread offense taking his snaps from the shotgun almost exclusively. Keep in mind the failure of previous Texas Tech Quarterbacks (anyone remember Kliff Kingsbury?) and the cards were stacked against him. He spent some time in Canada before being signed by Green Bay in 2010. He's never really caught on with Green Bay and only played a handful of snaps in 2012. After a uninspiring pre-season so far, he has been released. Personally I would pass.

Tommy Streeter - WR (Released by the Baltimore Ravens)

Tommy was a 6th round selection in the 2012 NFL draft, this came as a surprise to many as the 6'5 receiver was coming off a 800+ 8 touchdown season with the Miami Hurricanes. Unfortunately for Streeter he missed his entire rookie season with a foot injury. After finding it hard to make any real contribution this pre-season, Baltimore have decided to go in another direction. However you may be wary after the next sentence. Streeter has the measurable's, he has size and he has speed, however he needs refinement. His routes are not the crispest and I haven't seen him since his Junior year in Miami. It's a question mark, but he has upside.

Ramon Harewood - Guard (Released by the Baltimore Ravens)

Here is another guy who's career has been completely derailed thanks to injury. He's another 6th round pick, but this time in 2010. When he plays, he has looked pretty good from what I remember. I saw him a couple of times last season towards the start and came away impressed. However he missed the 2010 and 2011 seasons with surgery to both knees (2010) and torn ankle ligaments (2011). He then started 5 games last season before missing the rest of the season. He is only 26 and I don't know his health situation, so this would all need to be checked first. However when he plays, he's a decent player.

Tom Zbikowski - Safety (Released by the Chicago Bears)

I've followed Zbikowski from when he was playing for my college team Notre Dame, he was a 3rd round selection of the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 and will be going into his 6th season in the NFL this year. He's always been a little inconsistent, his best performances have come in 2012 for the Colts where he played in 11 games recording 5 pass defenses, an interception and a sack. He does have experience playing on specials and as a kick and punt returner. He is still young but with experience, he is also a boxer however despite holding a 4-0 professional record, his last fight came in Autumn 2011.

Here are just four players that I have highlighted that are notable. You can make your own mind up whether you think any of these guys are worth pursuing. We will continue to do these as more players are given their marching orders from the respective teams.