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Rex Ryan Not To Blame For Sanchez Injury

If it's not one thing, it's another. Rex Ryan is questioned for playing Mark Sanchez in the 4th quarter against the Giants, here I explain why it was the right decision.

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Rex Ryan's decision to play Mark Sanchez has been the subject of several articles this morning, all saying it was a questionable decision while also blaming Rex for Sanchez injuring his shoulder

I have to be honest and say that when the decision was made, it was a non-issue. There are two quarterbacks in a competition for the starting spot, there is no elite quarterback on this team and there are no quarterbacks who need to be wrapped in cotton wool for the season. We are trying to get as much game film as possible on both quarterbacks to make the decision as to who should start against the Bucs.

The people criticizing Rex for the decision are the same people who have previously criticized him for coddling Mark Sanchez and treating him differently, or treating him like an elite talent.

Mark Sanchez is not the starting Quarterback of this team, is it unusual for a back-up to play in the 4th quarter of the third pre-season game? absolutely not. As Geno got the start last night, Sanchez was theoretically his back-up. Had the tables been turned and Mark started, Geno would and should have been in during the 4th quarter.

I have heard people say that Mark Sanchez shouldn't take another snap for the Jets, that he is a terrible QB who's destiny is to be a back-up at this level. So why the outcry when he is not given preferential treatment? Sanchez's QB rating was 66.9 last season, one of the worst in the league. He tossed 18 interceptions, one of the worst performers in the league, and he was sacked 34 times - is Rex Ryan really to blame for playing a guy who's career performance to date has been severely poor, is he to blame for not foreseeing a injury to a QB who was sacked over 30 times last season and took numerous big hits and kept getting back up?

In my very humble opinion, Sanchez has done nothing to separate himself from Geno Smith, Greg McElroy or Matt Simms this off-season to warrant preferential treatment. Is he to not be in the game fighting for his job because he is coming into his 5th year? what a load of rubbish. Rich Cimini has stated that according to sources Sanchez didn't want to come into the game in the 4th quarter to play behind the second team offensive line. He doesn't want to fight for his job? that's more worrying that Rex Ryan deciding to put him in the game.

We haven't even spoken about the actual hit, which was as a result of Sanchez holding the ball too long. That's on Sanchez, that's not on the second team offensive line or on the head coach. I say again Mark Sanchez is not the starting quarterback of this team so there is no reason to suggest he should not be out there in the 4th quarter of the most important pre-season game.

Another argument that I have seen goes in the direction that now with Sanchez injured, he holds no trade value. One we don't know how long he is out for, it could be months it could just be bad bruising and he is back in action in a week, so that's jumping the gun. Another is the fact that even when healthy, Sanchez has no trade value at all. His ridiculous contract extension made sure of that, he is one of the worst performing QB's in the league with an elite QB's salary, who is going to trade for that? Nobody!

In my opinion we have a blood-thirsty beat that are not happy unless they are complaining. Had Sanchez not entered the game, I expect there would be numerous articles this morning pointing to Rex Ryan coddling his prized possession. I've said myself that Rex coddles Sanchez, but last night he showed some moxy and had him in a game situation based on his performances not just this pre-season but the last two years.

I may not agree with Rex Ryan on a lot of things, but he was absolutely right to bring Mark Sanchez into the game last night. He was also absolutely right to make it abundantly clear to the tabloid hit grabbers who pose as the beat of this team that it was the coaches call. So well done Rex Ryan, now go analyze some footage of the big man Sheldon Richardson, as he had a great game!