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Jets vs. Giants preseason 2013: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming and more


The Jets and Giants are schedule to start at 7:00 PM.

If you are watching the game tonight, you will have to deal with the Giants' broadcasters. Since the Giants are technically the home team, they own the local rights to broadcast the game. If you live in the New York area, you can see it on Channel 4 WNBC.

You can also see the game on the following affiliates of the Giants television network:

  • WNYT 13 (Albany)
  • WSTM 3 (Syracuse)
  • WPNY 11 (Utica NY)
  • WICZ 40 (Binghamton NY)
  • WETM 18 (Elmira)
  • WCCT 20 (Hartford)

Your option if you live outside the New York area is to watch the game online using's preseason package. They have just cut their price to $14.99 for the rest of the preseason. You also will have the option to watch any completed preseason game on demand. Note that you will not be able to watch Jets vs. Giants live if you live in the New York area using the package, but you will be able to watch a replay on demand starting tomorrow.