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An Interview With Jets Linebacker, Danny Lansanah

It's not long before the Jets have to finalize their roster for the upcoming season, Danny Lansanah is on the bubble to make the team as an inside linebacker. Here we ask him a few questions.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The inside linebacker position with the Jets is far from our strongest position, in fact it may turn out to be one of our weakest unless Demario Davis takes the next step this year. Harris hasn't looked as dominant as he once was, which means everything behind those two is up for grabs. You have to imagine that Josh Mauga will get one spot as the coaching staff have liked him for some time, but after that there is a spot up for grabs.

Danny Lansanah has been making moves this pre-season impressing the coaching staff and making plays in pre-season. He intercepted a pass last week against the Jaguars and played well on specials. We had chance to ask Danny a few questions:

GGN: First of all, what was it like when that call came to tell you the Jets were interested? you were at work right?

It caught me off guard. I was at work and my agent kept calling and calling me then he shot me a text saying "well ill tellthe jets your not interested" i ran out the building and called him right away.

GGN: What's it like being back in an NFL training camp after being away for so long (2009)?

It feels great doing what i love to do and getting another chance. Its a great feeling.

GGN:After leaving the Lions in 2009 you went over to Hartford and Las Vegas in the UFL, what was that experience like?

It was a good experience gave me a chance to keep playing football and also having the chance to get on film for NFL teams was big. If it wasn't for that chance of playing in the UFL no telling what would have happened.

GGN: Honestly, did you ever think you would be taking another snap in the NFL after leaving Las Vegas?

It was always in the back of my mind because i felt i could still play the game of football and at a high level. It was hard staying focused but i waited for my moment.

GGN: What did it take to keep going? after being released from the NFL you never gave up, why is that?

Determination and my parents pushing me to stay hungry. I would be lying if i said it was not tuff still working out and staying in shape waiting for a call. Growing up i always been the underdog and had to over come something and i always pushed through and strive off coming on top.

GGN: You have a sociology degree from UCONN and you've done a lot of work mentoring young people, just how rewarding is that and what has it taught you?

Very rewarding i like to see youth making something out of there life because i was once them coming from a bad neighborhood, around alot of crime.....its taught me alot keeps me humble and never lets me forget where i came from. Believe it or not i learned as much if not more from helping them

GGN: A lot of players have said they love playing for Rex Ryan, what is it about his style that makes him likable to defensive players?

He is a players coach. He is the kinda of guy that you love to play for because he is so passionate about the game and he understands things from a players point of view. Best coach i have played for hands down

GGN: You made a good statement against the Jaguars with an interception, talk us through that play and what you saw?

I dropped back into my coverage responsibility my coaches taught me to do and i just seen the ball coming and jump for it and caught it.

GGN: You've looked good in the pre-season and camp so far, and there is definitely a chance to stick here.....what do you think you need to do to make the 53?

Just keep going out and giving my all each day in the meeting room, practice field and games.


First of all I would just like to thank Danny for taking the time to talk to me, as I'm sure this is an extremely busy time for him. I've seen a lot that I like with Danny, and every year there is that one guy I find that I want to make the 53, before this interview it was Danny, after this interview nothing's changed. Keep your eye out for #47 tonight against the Giants.