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The New York Jets Activate Santonio Holmes

Let Tone Time commence!

Andy Lyons

Santonio Holmes has a hate/hate relationship with the media. More than John Idzik and Bill Belichick combined, he hates giving them anything that might resemble a scoop. He has recently said to the media that he might not play this season, that his foot is continually hurting him, etc., seemingly with the goal of perplexing the media and leading them awry.

Today, the New York Jets have announced that Holmes will be activated from the physically unable to perform list and will be able to begin practicing. If that isn't a sign he'll be ready for week one, I don't know what is.

In my opinion, the perception of Holmes as a bad teammate is way overblown. He had the incident in 2011 when he fought Wayne Hunter, but other than that, he's continually took the time to teach the younger players the nuances of the game. Many players have stated that he has been nothing but a role model for the younger guys.

In any case, it's wonderful to see Holmes able to practice again, especially coming off such a devastating injury. Let's hope he absorbs the offense quickly, and is able to see playing time either this weekend against the New York Giants, or next week against the Philadelphia Eagles. In either case, things are looking good for Holmes to start week one.