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The Official GangGreenNation Tailgate


This Saturday, the New York Jets will be taking on the New York Giants at Metlife Stadium. In the annual Snoopy Bowl, the starters are likely to play into the third quarter. That means an extended look at Geno Smith and the rest of the young crew.

But more importantly, John Butchko and myself will be attending the game, representing GangGreenNation. John has told me he plans on painting his face green, and will try to replace Fireman Ed with one grand gesture (he refuses to divulge his secrets). We would like to see and meet any GangGreenNation readers that will be attending the game.

Please comment below if you'll be attending the game, and where your tailgate spot is so we can come visit. John promises to wear his infamous coonskin hat, and I'll be sporting my Geno Smith jersey (#1 fan!). We know many of you have dreamed about the day you get to meet us, so we'll do our best to make it happen.