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New York Jets Sign Mohamed Massaquoi


Two days ago, Mohamed Massaquoi was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars. I instantly tweeted that John Idzik should take a look at him, and take a look he has. Massaquoi had a tryout yesterday with the team, and today was signed by the New York Jets.

Presumably, someone will be cut to make room for Massaquoi. I'm leaning towards Braylon Edwards, who has had a rough camp. I say rough because he's played almost exclusively with the second and third string, and played a lot of snaps as well, which usually isn't a good sign for a veteran. Unless a team is looking to see what a player can do (we know what Edwards can do), it's often a sign that the person is just fodder. Edwards has also been on a pitch count, and hasn't practiced in four days due to being on this "pitch count." Maybe they'll cut someone else, a rookie perhaps, but he seems to be the odd man out, with a new veteran stepping in.

As for Massaquoi, he isn't a particularly good player. But he's not terrible, and he's capable of making plays every now and then. I'm not particularly excited for the signing, but considering veteran options (if you're into that sort of thing), he's not a terrible choice.