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Lex Hilliard Out for the Season

Tom Szczerbowski

Lex Hilliard will miss the 2013 season with an injury per His Florioness.

Jets fullback Lex Hilliard, who appeared in 12 games and started nine last season, has been lost for the season.  He’ll have surgery to repair a broken scapula suffered on Tuesday in practice.

It's a tough break for Lex, and we should feel bad for him. In a tangible sense, though, this is not a key loss for the Jets. Hilliard was competing with Tommy Bohanon for the fullback job. The injury makes the job of the staff easy. Not that is a good thing Hilliard got hurt, but this does eliminate the possibility the coaching staff will make the wrong choice by going with the veteran. Hilliard just does not bring anything to the table. His signature move is whiffing on blocks, and he has little value as a runner or as a receiver.

Hopefully he has a full recovery and can continue his career somewhere else in 2014.