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Bart Scott Retires; Joins CBS

Jim Rogash

Former Jets linebacker Bart Scott will retire and join the media.

CBS has announced that Scott has joined the cast of a CBS pre-pregame show, which will be hosted by friend of PFT Adam Schein.

This is good news from the standpoint it seemingly takes a Scott-Jets reunion off the table, which would have been a bad thing since it would have tempted Rex Ryan with another underperforming favored veteran.

Scott's career ended poorly with the Jets. His play on the field declined steeply in his final two years, and he behaved in a stunningly unprofessional manner towards the media and fans consistently. That is part of the Bart Scott story, but just don't forget the first two years. Scott was a valuable member of two teams that came within a game of the Super Bowl. He and David Harris were arguably the top inside linebacking tandem in the league during those seasons. Scott sacrificed his body on almost every play. He was also a coach on the field that first year helping Rex Ryan install his defense. Yes, he was overpaid in 2009 and 2010 but not egregiously so. The problem with Bart's contract was not the initial deal. It was Mike Tannenbaum moving money around for short-term gain that caused Bart's cap number to explode and make him uncuttable until long after his decline began.

Bart always seemed like an engaging personality so hopefully the media thing works out for him. No matter what happens, though, he will always be remembered best for his epic interview after the Jets' epic 2010 Playoff win in New England.