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Joe McKnight Expects to Play Saturday

Joe Sargent

Jets running back Joe McKnight says he is making his preseason debut Saturday against the Giants per Brian Costello.

“I’m playing Saturday,” McKnight told The Post.

McKnight had every opportunity to carve out a role for himself on offense with a fresh start, a new coordinator, an offense tailored to his skills, and the backs at the top of the depth chart missing time. Instead, he has done everything possible to get himself cut from showing up at camp out of shape to getting hurt to being a jerk in interviews to challenging a fan to a fight on Twitter.

There always seems to be an issue with Joe. His ceiling is probably lower than an effective every down back, but he does have the talent to be a weapon on offense. He just can't get himself on the field. The coaches have never trusted him, and it's becoming clear why this might be so. Clyde Gates just had a big game as a kickoff returner. If the Jets can get quality production with somebody other than McKnight out of the one area he actually provides value, Joe really won't serve a purpose on this team and seems like an obvious cut if Mike Goodson returns.