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Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets Second Half Game Thread

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we saw some good Mark Sanchez and some bad Mark Sanchez. Overall, the New York Jets offense has looked good, and the defense has looked "brutal." Very bizzare, but we've seen some good routes and play-calling by the offense. The wide receivers and offensive line have all looked good, as has Sanchez, generally speaking. Sanchez has struggled since throwing a brutal interception in the red zone, including missing a wide open Clyde Gates in the end zone. The defense has been pretty bad, struggling against both the first and second team Jaguars offense.

Personally, I think they should play Sanchez into the third quarter. Treat this game like it's the third preseason game, and let Geno Smith play almost all of next week, assuming he's healthy. What do you think so far?

P.S. Oh, and just 'cause: