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New York Jets Fantasy Football Names

What will you name your fantasy football team?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, I enter into a fantasy football league. I don't particularly care if I win or not, but I do always want to have the best team name. A good fantasy team name is usually a pun, a play on a football term or name. I usually like to focus mine around the New York Jets, for obvious reasons. Here are some team name suggestions that I like:


1. Coples Therapy

2. Finding Geno

3. Doesn't Matter; Had Rex

4. Super Demario Brothers

5. Beavis and Buttfumble

6. Human Genome Project

7. Kelly Green and Ivory

What Jet-related team names do you like?

Edit: Here are some great suggestions from Twitter:

Driving Mike Goodson

Slumdog Milliners

Ellis Lankster Always Pays His Debts

Anonymous Rex

Cheesy Kerley Fries