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Kenrick Ellis Fighting Back Injury

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Nose tackle Kenrick Ellis is battling a back ailment. Rex Ryan spoke about it today.

Well, again I know it’s a day-to-day thing so I’m certainly hopeful it’s not as bad as Sione [Po‘uha]'s. That kept Sione out of a lot of training camp so hopefully it’s not like that so to me it’s just a day-to-day type injury.

This is an important year for Ellis' development. The Jets are counting on him to give them a lot of quality snaps. Nose tackle is a really important position. The nose tackle has to be able to eat up multiple blockers without being pushed. Ellis is a lot younger than Pouha so that alone probably should make this issue raise less alarm, but backs can be tricky. Keep an eye on this.

Either way, there is no reason to push Ellis. Preseason isn't worth it. The real games do not start for a few weeks yet.