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Former New York Jets Guard Brandon Moore Explains His Decision to Retire

He wanted to play for a contender and not let his old coach down. But he didn't need the money, and he wanted to be with his family.


Sports Illustrated MMQB with Peter King today published a Behind the Face Mask column written by former New York Jets RG Brandon Moore.  In it, Brandon explains what attracted him to the Dallas Cowboys - his former OL Coach Bill Callahan, as well as what seemed to him to be a team that could compete.

I knew if I played this season, it would have to be for a contender...  I didn't want to go to just any team to be around football and pad my bank account... A coach I really care for, in Bill, and a great organization with a well-respected history.

Brandon did go to the Pro Bowl under Callahan, as well as back-to-back AFC Championship games.  It wasn't surprising that they would want to be together again.  After mulling the decision overnight, however, Brandon decided he would rather be with his family.  And he certainly didn't need to do it for the salary, as he has reportedly been wise with his money.

By 5 a.m., I still wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't have regrets about going.  But I knew I wouldn't have any regrets about staying...  This was a big-boy decision, kind of going back on your word, which is something I take very seriously.

Brandon also explains what factors he and his wife had to consider, as well as the negotiations between his agent and the Cowboys.  It's a very interesting read, so click this link for the full article.

I'm certainly glad Brandon didn't follow another former OL Coach, Doug Marrone, to the Buffalo Bills.  Brandon did mention that interest from other teams "weren't serious".  I really do wonder why.  As he is not in the Jets' plans this season, I think it would have to be a disastrous situation if we were to see him in green and white this year (a la Vinny Testaverde in 2005).

Brandon Moore has had a great career in the NFL.  He has had 137 consecutive regular season starts.  Not bad for someone who came into the league as a defensive tackle.  Although some may only know him for an infamous Thanksgiving play, I am proud to have watched "Meat" play for my team for ten years.