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Geno Smith Might Not Play Against Jaguars

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan says Geno Smith might not be in the lineup against the Jaguars on Saturday.

Rex Ryan was asked Wednesday if Smith could miss the team’s game against the Jaguars on Saturday because of the ankle, and Ryan indicated that was an option. "Well, I guess, we’ll see how it goes," the coach said. "He’s been out their practicing, working through things... but that could be a possibility."

Ryan still has not named a starting quarterback for the game, and Geno's uncertain status figures to be the reason. Mark Sanchez started the first game so it would make sense if Geno got the nod in the second game. The ankle injury changes things. Geno has been on the practice field, but the Jets can control that situation and prevent him from taking big hits and getting hurt worse. That will not be the case in a preseason game.

Traditionally a team wants to have its starting quarterback in place by the third preseason game. That game is generally used as a dress rehearsal. Geno's status might force the Jets to extend the competition. You want to give your starters over a half to work together in the third preseason game and shut down the important people in the fourth preseason game to keep them fresh. It is more important to get the right starting quarterback, though.

Not helping the cause, Geno apparently had an awful practice day with four interceptions.