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Chris Ivory Says He's Healthy But Might Not Play Against Jaguars

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets Blog quotes Chris Ivory saying he is completely healthy but still might not take the field this weekend for the second preseason game against the Jaguars. Click the link to read the entire quotes.

A healthy Ivory is a necessity for the Jets. The running back situation did not look pretty in the preseason opener. Mike Goodson and Joe McKnight might not be available for a while. This team is going to have to run the ball effectively to take pressure off the quarterback and open up some lanes to benefit an undermanned receiving corps.

I fully support holding Ivory out of preseason games even if healthy. Preseason game reps aren't THAT important. Players have won the MVP while sitting out the entire preseason. The Jets can prepare Ivory in a more controlled environment with practice reps and lower the risk of him getting hurt again and possibly missing regular season time.