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Joe McKnight Has Trouble Staying on His Feet

Al Bello

Joe McKnight apparently had a problem walking onto the practice field today.

He stopped several times to bend over while walking across the soccer field leading to the turf football field where the Jets practice. McKnight -- who, at first, appeared to be Tebowing -- eventually stood up, but bent over again after taking a few more steps. As he got closer to the far field where his teammates were, he leaned over a garbage can as if he were vomiting.

And he only lasted a few minutes once he made it to practice.

At one point, McKnight went down near the end zone and had to be helped to his feet.

McKnight eventually was carted off the field.

This is yet another moment in what has been a lost opportunity for McKnight. A new offensive coordinator and the absence of the top two running backs on the team have presented an opportunity, but McKnight has not been in a position to take advantage, partially through bad injury luck. Considering the head injury McKnight has dealt with, this incident is kind of scary to hear about. Hopefully he is all right.