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Geno Smith Comes Out Strong Sunday

Despite the ankle problems Geno experienced, he completed the practise with positive numbers.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

At 9:55am we didn't know whether Geno Smith would take the field today or even practise at all over the next couple of days. At 10:00am with Geno trotting onto the field in full pads, all those questions were answered along with a few others.

Geno Smith finished the day 7-10 with 4 TD's and the one interception. He performed exceptionally in goal line drills, an area that he struggled with last week. That's development and every Jets fan should be very happy to see this. He connected with Cumberland twice and Reuland twice for his touchdowns.

After practise Geno did admit that his ankle was sore and that his drop back was slower as a result, however this didn't prevent him from making several positive plays and perhaps edging in front when it came to the QB race and who will be starting against Jacksonville.

Sanchez was 3-9 with a touchdown, and asked after practise if Geno showed something my practising on his dodgy ankle, he said:

"I dunno. He's a tough guy. I dunno. Ask him."

Previously we have heard that Geno has a Diva attitude, well in my experience of Diva's in the NFL, they don't practise with a broken fingernail, let alone a sprained ankle, so hopefully that question has been answered.

It was a positive day for Geno Smith, the only negative being a poorly thrown ball that was easily intercepted by Cromartie in the end-zone, as with Sanchez against the Lions, you simply can't turn the ball over in the red-zone. However he rebounded from that interception with two strikes for touchdowns.

  • Rex praised both Cumberland and Sheldon Richardson in his press conference
  • Also mentioned that he does not see the team naming a starter before Jacksonville game.
  • Said he admired Jaiquawn Jarrett coming out of Temple, he was drafted by the Eagles in 2011.
  • Admitted that he has not discussed the plan for Jacksonville.