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New York Jets Get Back To Work In Cortland

The Jets will return to practise today in Cortland and there is plenty to look out for.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: 10:00AM EST - Geno Smith jogs out for practise wearing full pads, same for Chris Ivory and Joe McKnight.

The Lions game isn't exactly going to be one you want to watch again and again, however the Jets are back at work today in preparation for the their 2nd pre-season game against the Jaguars.

So as we head back to work for another week, here are a few things to look out for today and the rest of the week.

  • Geno Smith's heath. He left the game with an ankle strain according to Cimini and was walking without help and without a noticeable limp. I hope he's on the field today and doesn't miss significant time. He really wasn't given a lot of opportunity to show off his attributes but he should get the start against the Jaguars, as long as he doesn't miss too much time this week.
  • Health is the key for the running backs. Ivory should return from his hamstring injury today and McKnight should be a go following his head injury. After losing Griffin for the season, we are down to the bare minimum so we need these guys back on the field. We didn't do much in the run game against the Lions so this is an area we'll need to look at this week.
  • Jaiquawn Jarrett will be replacing Antonio Allen as the FS in the base defense this week. Rex was very impressed with his 5 tackle, 1 QB hit performance against the Lions. Jarrett has the physical ability which is why the Eagles selected him in the 2nd round in 2011. It'll be interesting to see how he does.
  • Will Ben Obomanu get reps with the first team? Obomanu was the leading pass catcher for the Jets against the Lions and Rex singled him out for special praise. He will be going into his 7th year in the league this season and so far I've liked what I've seen. With no Holmes on the horizon there is a chance for someone to step up. There are many candidates, but Ben is definitely among them.
  • Lex Hilliard came out as the starting FB against the Lions, but T-Bo was in on the first, second and third series and looked pretty good. I imagine it's only a matter of time before T-Bo takes full control of that FB position going forward.
  • Discipline, the Jets had 13 flags against them on Friday, 11 that were called. It was the first pre-season game so you can be forgiven for having some rust, but you want to see that disappear during the 2nd week and the 2nd pre-season game.