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New York Jets: Rookie Watch (Lions)

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We take a look at the New York Jets rookie class and how they fared in their first game for the green and white.

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I'm delighted that John wrote the article in relation to Mark Sanchez's stats being very misleading, as that allowed me to really focus in on the rookie class. I watched the game live last night and I've just finished watching the tape. So here we have my thoughts, pop your own down in the comments below: For the sake of my sanity and eyesight, I've only focused on the drafted class, it's hard enough watching 2 players during a play, let alone trying to monitor 8 or 9.

1st Quarter

Dee Milliner

Started in the base defense opposite Antonio Cromartie. Made a very nice break-up on a Stafford pass into the end-zone, got his head turned round and made the stop. First class. Looked extremely fluid, didn't bite on double moves and stuck like glue. Very impressed!

Sheldon Richardson

Started in the base 3-4 defense from the get go. Came off often when we moved to a 4-3 set. Didn't do anything flashy in the first quarter, stood up well and didn't get pushed back, but also didn't make a great push.

Tommy Bohanon

Did not start but was in on the first and second series. Was tripped up on Sanchez's interception, he was the screen target on the pick. Came up with a nice catch out the backfield on the 2nd series.  Did a nice job in the blocking game, especially on Jets 3rd drive which was the TD drive.

2nd quarter

Geno Smith

Nice quick high release, made a well timed pass to Gates. Inaccurate with pass to Powell in the flat, and had a pass batted down that was poorly thrown. Ball was taken out of his hands on second drive.

Dee Milliner

Allows a completion on a stop and start move, misses tackle which goes for 7 yards. Gave up a long completion on a nice grab, ruled out but reviewed and ruled in. Wasn't terrible coverage, was just a good catch and Dee wasn't quite close enough to make a play on it. Completion in front of Dee on the slant, makes a nice tackle to limit yards.

Sheldon Richardson

Makes a nice play on the ball carrier coming down the line. Showed good hands to get the release and nice athleticism to come down and make the tackle. Gets a nice push and shows some pace to chase Hill on last Lions possession before the half, result is a completion, but offensive line struggled to maintain Sheldon on that play.

Oday Aboushi

Footwork doesn't look great at the start, gives up a false start penalty on the last drive before the half. Was getting beat with quickness on the outside regularly, playing at left tackle.

3rd quarter

Geno Smith

Easy completion on an underneath route to start the half. On the play that takes Geno out of the game, he does a nice job stepping up and avoiding the pressure, ankle goes on the turn up-field. Positive yards on a dangerous play.

Oday Aboushi

Against less explosive players, Aboushi settles into the LT role, enough upper body strength and balance to deal with power rushes. Draws another penalty for illegal hands to the face, 2nd flag of the night for Oday. Oday is pushed back and allows the strip sack on Greg, really poor footwork and didn't get low enough on that play.

William Campbell

As we go into the last drive, that's my first sighting of Campbell. Who comes in to play RG which in turn pushes Vlad over to LG. Don't think this one is on Campbell as he pushes his man inside, rusher comes through the gap between RG/RT to drill Greg as he is throwing.

4th Quarter

Oday Aboushi

Gets beat on the outside rush again, gets called for the hold. That spares Rogers blushes as he fluffs a simple catch. Aboushi comes out the game with around 5 minutes to play Trey Gilleo, an undrafted rookie out of Northern Arizona comes in to play LT.

William Campbell

Campbell pulls around center to make a nice block, not many yards on the play but Campbell did his job. Campbell is out with 3 minutes to play, replaced by #61 and I'm not 100% sure who that it.


It was a pretty quiet night for the Jets draft class. Winters obviously missed out with an injury. Campbell looked decent but wasn't tested. Bohanon did himself a few favors by looking good blocking and coming out of the backfield. Sheldon Richardson had a few nice pushes but nothing that stood out. Milliner made the one nice play in the end-zone and gave up one big completion but you can see the talent. Oday Aboushi had a pretty awful night, gave up a sack and a couple of pressures and by my count was flagged 3 times. Geno made the throws he should make, but wasn't given much chance to do anything else.