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New York Jets Injury Update

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets had a rough preseason opener. They lost, but more significantly they had a number of players leave the game injured. Preliminary reports are starting to come in on a few of the walking wounded.

There is some bad news at running back, where the Jets cannot seem to catch a break.

Things are less clear for Garrett McIntyre.

It could be minor, but it is scary to hear about a knee when a player is injured.

Geno Smith's situation sounds a bit more encouraging.

Keeping in mind that I have about as much medical training as Dr. Nick Riviera, the one thing to watch is how much the ankle swells overnight. Geno was able to stay on his feet through the evening, but sometimes ankles can swell up when you sleep so we will have to wait and see. The news so far thankfully does not look bad, though, so we can be thankful for that.