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Rex Ryan Apparently Doesn't Have Time to Assess Quarterbacks

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Press conference comments can be kind of overrated and overblown sometimes. Coaches frequently mislead the public to gain an edge or not throw somebody under the bus. Rex Ryan made some truly stunning comments, however, in his postgame press conference.

Rex has announced he is going to take a more hands on role on defense this year. I think that is a good thing. A great deal of Rex's value as a coach comes from his defensive mastery. There are not many coaches who can bring the expertise he brings on the defensive side of the ball. He has shown he does not know a ton on offense so he is going to delegate. That is probably the right move.

With that said, is he joking with these comments? The starting quarterback battle is the most important decision the Jets face in 2013, and he doesn't have time for it? He might not be hands on, but he as the head coach is still responsible for the offense. He has to know what is going on with the quarterback situation. He isn't a coordinator who is responsible for one side of the ball only.