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Mark Sanchez Outplays Geno Smith Thursday Per Reports

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Beat writers indicate Mark Sanchez had the upper hand at quarterback today.

Michael Fensom:

When the Jets practiced the two-minute drill, Sanchez looked a different quarterback. Against a full defense, he completed his first four passes. And finished with two touchdowns (both came when the drill moved inside the 10-yard line), an interception (on a Hail Mary attempt) and a sack. In a situation where efficiency is essential, Sanchez moved the offense fluidly.

Brian Costello:

Mark Sanchez bounced back with a pretty good practice. He went 10-for-16 with two touchdowns, on interception and one sack working with the starting offense. Smith finished 5-for-10 with one touchdown and was sacked twice. Smith continues to struggle getting the ball out quickly, his one clear deficiency.

Jane McManus:

"It gets tough down there because it gets compacted and things," Ryan said. "I thought Mark did a great job, especially on the gotta-have-its. After the two minute when we did the gotta-have-its, he made a great throw. Now the defense helped him out when they never had the personnel on the field. If you play with nine on the field, bad things happen."

Based on previous reports, Sanchez needed a day like this. He probably will need plenty more. As we have been saying, Geno is the future. He will start if he shows he gives the team "the best chance to win."™ If things are equal, the Jets will likely use Geno's upside as the tiebreaker and start developing him. Sanchez's only chance might be to show he is the best player without debate.